Underneath skin and tissue, we are all just bones and skulls.
Get ready for Metaverse-Ready NFTs

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The Story

MeSkullz is a community of 3D voxel figures created by a custom generative algorithm, and mintable as a NFT. It can represent you, me and just about anybody as an avatar or digital profile. The goal of MeSkullz is to bring everyone together as a community and let people interact in the ‘Afterlife’ metaverse.

When the living depart the world, their memory gets wiped with their conscience partially transferred to MeSkullz. Every MeSkullz is unique, meaning there are no two that are exactly alike. Some may look normal, while some could be out of this world wacky. Each figure consists of multiple parts, drawing adaptations from different cultures and genres.

It's all about the fun.

What will you be getting?

A certified unique ERC-721 NFT

High resolution PNG and 3D GLB file

Gallery view of MeSkullz along with different rarity scores

Membership of a close-knit community

All commercial rights to do as you see fit


Rarity in Variety





The MeSKullz Collection

Endless possibilities

The entire collection of Meskullz will be 'Meta' ready. It means that you'll be able to use your NFTs within the VR and AR space. Moving beyond 2D, 3D avatars/digital profile is the future!


Here are some examples of MeSkullz living on in games (*requires rigging).

CubeArtWorld , Simplestar

Cluster, Cluster Inc 2017





How much is MeSkullz NFT?

All NFTs will be sold at 0.1 ETH, with 1500 whitelist spots reserved for maximum of 5 mints each. 300 will also be reserved for whitelisted minting by Pixlr Genesis holders on First Come First Served basis.


What intellectual property rights do the NFT holders have?

All rights for Meskullz are CC0, which means anybody can build on top of the intellectual property. We hope to see more derivative work built on top of Meskullz by the community - be it games, comics, fan art, memorablia.

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MeSkullz: 0x751af1013b809458b98460Bb9b516CEe7c7002cb

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